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logistics, freight
Do any of these issues affect how you grow your business?
  • Responding to carriers looking for payment
  • Lost loads from slow carrier set up
  • Difficulty getting in touch with the right person at your corporate office

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I hope this flyer offers you some insight and I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Feel free to visit our website at or contact me with any questions you might have.

~ Andrew Jackson | 513.285.7081

  logistics, freight

logistics, freight

  • 70% commission
    • Paid weekly
    • Direct deposit, company check or Comdata account
    • Paid on all shipment BOLs received before 8 am each Thursday 
  • No minimum profit margin or load count
    • Some companies have minimums you must meet before you are paid
    • We pay the full 70% regardless of minimums
  • Flexible carrier pay options
    • Carriers receive regular payment no later than 15 days from when paperwork is received by our corporate office
    • 1 day quick pay with a 5% deduction
    • 7 day quick pay with a 2% deduction
  • Fuel advances
    • We will advance up to 40% of the load amount as a fuel advance with only a 2.5% advance deduction
  • 24/7/365 Support
    • Carrier setup, comchecks and a knowledgeable person available always
  • No bad debt exposure to our agents (bankruptcy protection)
    • If a company files bankruptcy on credit we've extended you are not held liable
  • Claim assistance
    • Our experienced claim team helps our agents process claims
  • 15 minute set up
    • Our carrier team will have your carrier set up within 15 minutes of paperwork receipt
    • Our customer team will have new customers set up within 15 minutes of paperwork
  • Health insurance assistance
    • We can help you customize a plan and manage weekly payments
  • Asset-based carrier division
  • Load board(s) and software provided
    • We offer access to several load boards
    • Access to our user friendly, web-based software
logistics, freight

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Gold Book TIA $100,000
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